With the help of OSU Chemical Engineering professor and his students, Helen Liu is developing a small-scale machine to convert plastics back to fuel. The goal is to create de-centralized units that can travel to where the plastics are being collected and turn them into usable fuel to be used nearby.

Photos from the Plastics-to-Local-Fuel booth at the Asian Celebration in Eugene, Oregon, Feb. 16-17, 2019. 


See photos from Feb. 15 2020 

Reactor prototype

Photo: Steven Miyamoto

Photo: Steven Miyamoto

Helen preparing the backdrop for her booth at the Asian Celebration.

Claudia Ponton weaves traditional Japanese sandals using strips of plastics and fabric.

Talented seamstress, Lucy Alvarez, made corsets out of plastic bags for this event!

Soprano, Laura Wayte, enthusiastic supporter of my plastic art projects.

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