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Plastic Waste to

We Are In This Together was installed at the Academy of Arts and Academics during Earth Day week 2021 in downtown Springfield, Oregon.


I want to recognize all those who contributed to this community plastic art quilt by collecting their plastic trash and making one or more quilt blocks for this crazy quilt!

(in alphabetical order, from Eugene/Springfield area unless otherwise noted. Sincere apologies if I missed anyone. Please notify me by sending me a note.)

Diane Bray (Ohio)

Michele Bulgatz

Denise Burns

Tina Curran (Los Angeles)

Kam Chee Chan

Scott Crowell

Barbara Dumesnil

Abby Gershenzon

Melissa Green

Bev Hemming (England)

Karen Januszewski 

Sigrid R. Jones 

Lisa Kelm

Kristin King

Molly Markarian

Aviva Nizani (Los Angeles)

Georgia Quick

Kristi Sakai

Chris Spix (Portland)

These people contributed plastic bags:

Simone Castillo

Carmelita Cross

Camilla Fortune

Robin O'Gara

Laura Wayte


In celebration of Earth Day 2020, and through a grant from the Springfield Arts Commission
folks in the community were invited to help create a giant “art quilt” made with waste plastic bags, while staying at home.

(Project date: due to Covid, extended to Earth Day 2021.)


Potential art material can be found in bags that contain potato chips, granola bars, coffee, animal food, candy and many other items commonly found in an average household. These bags are generally NOT able to be recycled and have to go into the trash. These are the very bags we want.

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