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Works in progress:

Ideas emerging out of the desire to use materials that are readily available and usually defined as "WASTE"

Non-recyclable silver plastic bags collected from Starbuck coffee shops

Wood saved from a burn pile

Excess wool that might have been composted or left to be eaten by moths


Medusa's Dream

July, 2023

felted locally sourced wool,

homegrown indigo dye, Starbucks waste plastic bags, salvaged spalted maple stained with oil colors, and safety pins on an antique dress form supported by a tomato cage 

IMG_3353 2.jpg


Sketch #1

Feb. 2023

Wool, sourced from Swallow Haven Farm

Pleasant Hill, Oregon

homegrown indigo dye

Starbuck's waste plastic bags

collected in Eugene, Oregon

spalted maple salvaged from a burn pile Springfield, Oregon

art-school-leftover oil colors

sewing thread

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